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August is kicking off with a celestial treat that promises to light up the night sky. Tonight, August 1st, a brilliant full supermoon will grace the skies, and it's one of the two brightest supermoons of the year according to NASA. The stage is set here in Colorado, and we're all eager to witness this fascinating phenomenon.

NASA image showing comparison of a supermoon (left) and a micromoon (right)

What is a Super Moon, Anyway?

The concept of a "super moon" might remind us of the significant contributions made by astronomer Johann Kepler in 1609. By refining the Sun-centered (heliocentric) solar system model, Kepler mathematically demonstrated that planets, including Earth, orbit the Sun in ellipses rather than perfect circles.

This elliptical path means that our distance from celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon varies at different points in our orbit. A supermoon occurs when the Moon is at the point in its elliptical orbit that brings it closest to Earth. This closer proximity causes the Moon to appear larger and more luminous than a regular full Moon.

For those in Colorado's Mountain Time zone, the peak illumination of tonight's supermoon will be at 12:32 p.m. While it might be hyped as a big deal, it's worth noting that the differences between a supermoon and a regular full Moon might not be that stark to the naked eye.

Tonight's Super Moon and What to Expect

Known as the Sturgeon Moon, tonight's full supermoon is named for the time of year when the giant sturgeon fish was once abundant in the Great Lakes. It's one of the brightest supermoons of 2023 and heralds the start of a remarkable month for stargazing.

Though it's talked up in the media as being a significant event, the difference between the supermoon and a normal moon might not be instantly recognizable. It’s much like a "super-er Moon," a term coined to emphasize that the spectacle might be more subtle than sensational.

Mark Your Calendars: A Double Feature

August is delivering not one but two supermoons. The second will occur on Wednesday, August 30, and it's already touted as the 2023 supermoon showstopper. This Blue Moon, referred to as the second full moon in a calendar month, will be the closest, biggest, and brightest moon to Earth this year.

Join Us Under the Stars

AstroTours invites you to join us in experiencing the supermoon magic. Whether you're an avid astronomer or a curious skygazer, there's something captivating about the night sky that draws us all in.

As we welcome August with the brilliance of the supermoon, we're reminded once again of the incredible cosmos and our place within it. Here's to clear skies and a moonlit night that inspires wonder.

Grab your telescope, gather your friends and family, and let's explore the cosmos together. Happy supermoon watching! 🌕

Book a tour with AstroTours and don't miss out on the celestial events that this exciting month has to offer.

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We are thrilled to announce that Aislynn has joined the AstroTours family as our newest astronomer! Aislynn is a highly passionate astrophysics senior with a deep-seated love for celestial navigation and stargazing. Her keen interest and hands-on experience in the fascinating world of astronomy make her an extraordinary addition to our team.

Aislynn's astronomy journey is as vast as the cosmos itself. From earning accolades for her night sky observations at the esteemed Rocky Mountain Star Stare to spending countless evenings under the shimmering canopy of stars, Aislynn's expertise in space exploration is nothing short of impressive.

What sets Aislynn apart is her knack for making the complex world of astrophysics relatable and enjoyable for all. Whether you're a budding astronomer or an experienced stargazer, Aislynn will captivate you with her wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. Her favorite heavenly body to discuss is Messier 57, a spectacular celestial object offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of white dwarfs. We guarantee that her conversations about this awe-inspiring part of the universe will leave you wanting to know more!

See Aislynn running a tour:

But Aislynn's contribution to AstroTours extends beyond her technical knowledge. She shares our belief that stargazing is a way to not only understand the universe around us but also to connect with it on a deeper level. She's excited to explore the cosmos with you, making your AstroTours experience truly unforgettable.

We cannot wait for you to meet Aislynn and learn from her vast experience and knowledge. With her on board, our mission to make the wonders of the cosmos accessible to everyone becomes even more robust.

So, gear up to embark on an incredible astronomical journey with Aislynn and the rest of the AstroTours team! Look out for updates on our upcoming tours and events where you'll have the chance to meet her in person.

Clear skies and happy stargazing!

The AstroTours Team.

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At, we deeply understand the profound connection between the exploration of outer space and the preservation of our home planet. We believe that as we share the marvels of the cosmos with our community, we have an equally important duty to safeguard Earth and its precious ecosystems. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is embodied in our adherence to Leave No Trace principles in all our operations and activities.

Our Commitment

Leave No Trace: is committed to practicing Leave No Trace principles in every aspect of our operations. We always ensure that our activity sites are left as we found them, or even cleaner. This involves taking all waste with us, minimizing our footprint, and respecting wildlife and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Practices: We strive to minimize energy consumption in our operations. We use energy-efficient equipment, including our high-powered telescopes and red lighting. We encourage our team and guests to use environmentally friendly transport options where feasible, and offer a carpool arrangement service, to minimize carbon emissions.

Education and Engagement

We recognize that education is a powerful tool for environmental protection. Beyond simply imparting knowledge about the stars, our events often incorporate elements of Earth Science, emphasizing the fragile beauty of our home planet and our role in preserving it. We discuss the impact of light pollution not just on astronomical observations, but also on wildlife and ecosystems, raising awareness about this often-overlooked form of pollution. recognizes that light pollution is a significant barrier to clear, night-sky observations and presents an environmental issue affecting wildlife and human health. In response, we've taken active steps to combat this issue. We offer incentives to local communities and businesses to adopt dark sky-friendly lighting, rewarding those who make conscious efforts to reduce unnecessary light emissions. In addition to this, we are firmly committed to raising public awareness about the impacts of light pollution through our tours and educational programs. We offer workshops and presentations that highlight the importance of preserving dark skies, not just for astronomical viewing, but also for ecological health and energy efficiency. Through these actions, we strive to create a culture of respect for the night sky and contribute to the broader movement against light pollution.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We strive to work with local communities, authorities, and other organizations that share our dedication to the environment. These collaborations allow us to contribute to larger conservation efforts and increase our positive impact.

Continuous Improvement remains dedicated to continually improving our environmental performance. We regularly review and update our environmental policies and practices to ensure they remain effective and align with the best available science.

In conclusion, recognizes that the exploration of the stars does not have to come at the expense of our home planet. We are committed to a vision of astronomy that is exciting, enlightening, and environmentally responsible. Our promise is to continue sparking wonder about the cosmos in a way that also respects and protects the Earth.

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