I offer many discounts, our main focus is astronomy education and I do not want price to hold anyone back from learning about the universe. Firstly, I offer 5% off to anyone who has come here looking for a deal, just send me an email asking for the 5% discount before you book. I am open to trades too if you have a skill (photography, art, business help, etc.) you would like to offer in exchange for a tour Just send me an email with your offer.  I am also very approachable to further adjust prices in any genuine cases of need if the request is accompanied by a smile. :) All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour.

Bargain hunter (everyone) - 5% off just for looking into the discounts offered on this page just send me an email requesting the 5% discount.

First time AirBnB users - 15$ off my tour and 40$ off your accommodation for anyone who is a first time AirBnB user using this link to sign up:  

Children - I offer half price tours for anyone who is between the ages of 2 and 12, and free for infants below 2 yo.

Coupons - Coupons, free stickers, and free postcards, are available at most Boulder visitor centers (Davidson mesa, pearl st., Nederland, and the VW bus at Chautauqua)   


CU Boulder - I offer 10$ off all current or prospective students of CU boulder.


EBT/Food stamp recipients - I offer half price tours to anyone who is currently receiving Food assistance benefits.   

Metropolitan State University - All MSU Denver students and faculty are offered free tours! I appreciate all of the support MSU offered me when I started and continue to offer. a well-established 50+ year old public university with a physics department led by a knowledgeable and diverse faculty. I took courses in physics and astrophysics from the MSU Physics Department which laid the educational groundwork that led me to starting this business. I would like to thank them for their support in letting me use their equipment and recommend the department to anyone wishing to study physics.

Boulder OSMP - Free tours for anyone associated with OSMP, I am very grateful for OSMP letting me use their land to conduct my tours! 

Girl Scouts - I offer half price for anyone who is associated with a local girl scout troop and offer discounted private tours for troops who wish to book me to earn the NASA badges.

Work Exchange - Free tour offered for one person per tour who volunteers to come 1hr 20min before the tour and stay 1 hr after to help set up and take down. this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the telescopes and get a free tour! I do only have enough work for one guest to do this but if you're a group just
send me an email and we can work it out.