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Boulder Tours - 42$ (Discounts available below)

Winter Park Tours - (No Discounts)

  • 59$ - Tubing hill 

  • 79$ - Top of the Gondola


At, our main focus is astronomy education and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about the universe without price being a barrier. That's why we offer various discounts to make our tours accessible for everyone.

For starters, we offer a 5% discount to anyone who is looking for a deal. Simply use the code "BARGAIN" when booking your tour. We also welcome trades with guests who have skills to offer such as photography, art, business, or just want to help with set up in exchange for your tour. If you have something to offer, send us an email with your proposal and we'll see if we can make a trade.

Additionally, we understand that some guests may have genuine financial need, and we are open to adjusting prices further in those cases, as long as the request comes with a smile :)


Please note that discounts apply only to our Boulder tours and not to our Winter Park tours. All discounts must be applied prior to booking your tour. Join us for an unforgettable astronomy education experience without breaking the bank. Book your tour today and discover the beauty of the night sky!

Bargain hunter (everyone) - 5% off just for looking into the discounts offered on this page just use the code: BARGAIN . All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour.

Email newsletter subscription - 5$ off for subscribing to our monthly newsletter: 

Children - We offer half price tours for anyone who is between the ages of 2 and 12, and free for infants below 2 yo. Use the code: UNDER12CHILD All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour. (this is a late night show geared for a developed mind requiring a good attention span, little ones often fall asleep.​)

Coupons - Coupons, free stickers, and free postcards, are available at most Boulder visitor centers (Davidson mesa, pearl st., Nederland, and the VW bus at Chautauqua)  ALL EXPROPRIATION DATES HAVE BEEN WAVED all coupons are still 100% valid we are accepting all expired coupons please continue to use them and don't waste them! 

Lower Your Light Pollution Promotion - we’re offering to split the cost of any lighting upgrades you and your neighbors do to lower your light pollution. If you upgrade any lighting fixtures send me a picture of the light (before and after photos that I can feature on social media are preferred but if you don’t want me to share your pictures just let me know), and the receipt and receive a discount of half the price of the lighting fixture up to 40$ (full price of a tour!). For example if you upgrade all your outdoor lights with motion sensors and LEDs for 40$ you will get a half price tour (40$/2 = 20$ off). If your neighbor spends 80$ replacing all of their outdoor lights with top of the line low light pollution lights they can get a tour for free!(80$/2 = 40$ off) for more info please check out this blog post.


CU Boulder - We offer 10$ off all current or prospective students of CU boulder. Contact us via email to use this discount. All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour.


EBT/Food stamp recipients - We offer half price tours to anyone who is currently receiving Food assistance benefits. Contact us via email to use this discount. All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour.  

Girl Scouts - I offer half price for anyone who is associated with a local girl scout troop and offer heavily discounted private tours for troops who wish to book to earn the NASA badges. Contact us via email to use this discount. All discounts must be applied prior to booking a tour.  

Work Exchange - Free tour offered for one person per tour who volunteers to come 1hr before the tour and stay 1 hr after to help set up and take down. this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the telescopes and get a free tour! I do only have enough work for one guest to do this but if you're a group just send me an email and we can work it out. 

Metropolitan State University - All MSU Denver students and faculty are offered free tours! Contact us via email to use this discount. I appreciate all of the support MSU offered me when I started and continue to offer. a well-established 50+ year old public university with a physics department led by a knowledgeable and diverse faculty. I took courses in physics and astrophysics from the MSU Physics Department which laid the educational groundwork that led me to starting this business. I would like to thank them for their support in letting me use their equipment and recommend the department to anyone wishing to study physics.

Boulder OSMP - Free tours for anyone associated with OSMP, I am very grateful for OSMP letting me use their land to conduct my tours! 

First time AirBnB users - (This is no longer supported by AirBNB but maybe worth a shot if they every bring it back)15$ off my tour and 40$ off your accommodation for anyone who is a first time AirBnB user using this link to sign up:  

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