Meet the AstroTours Team:


Hey there I'm Luke! I'm so glad you're here on my site reading about me! I was born in Denver Colorado and have been amazed with the Rocky Mountains' sky my whole life. 

I've owned a few telescopes but still my favorite one was given to me by my grandfather when I was in middle school. It is a 4 inch Mak-Cassegrain telescope, it's very portable so I've taken it everywhere with me and if you come on a tour with me I'll show you how to use it and learn the sky with it as I did.

graduated in 2016 with a major in physics and a minor in astrophysics and geophysics. I completed an independent study in quasar research and a senior project using magnetism to launch payloads in to space.

After graduation I went to Australia on a work visa and worked as a tour guide for "#SpaceGandalf" at Astro Tours Broome. It was my favorite job ever so when my visa expired and I had to return to America I wondered if I could get a similar job here. I quickly realized that nothing similar exists in the states which lead me to create Elevated Astronomy Tours! I'm so very excited to see what comes next and what this business teaches me!

My extended life story can be found in this blog post




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Hello!  My name is Christina and I am an astrophysics major at the University of Colorado. I have always been very passionate about the night sky and particularly sharing the wonderful mythologies and science surrounding our constellations and the objects within.'


I am currently involved with a research group at the university that is looking into the effects stellar flares have on exoplanetary atmospheres and what that might mean for the habitability of those planets. 


My favorite object to talk about is the Crab Nebula! I am fascinated by the astrophysical processes surrounding the life cycles of stars, particularly supernovae, and I enjoy describing the various civilizations that viewed this event when it occurred and the impact it may have had in their lives.



I moved to Colorado 30 years ago from Texas and have loved every minute of it. I have now lived over half my life in Colorado and tell my friends I like living somewhere I can have 4 seasons in one day, occasionally!





Hi, I’m Victoria Concepcion and I graduated from CU Boulder with a BA in Astrophysics. I’ve always loved space and I’ve learned a lot from taking undergraduate courses. While at CU, I specifically took interest in planetary sciences and our solar system. Along with AstroTours I’m a research assistant at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics where I research planetary ices and climates. I specifically study the conditions of the poles on Mars and how dust interacts with them. I love sharing my knowledge of the wonders of space with similarly excited people! My favorite thing to show people is the Orion Nebula which is a stellar nursery and one of the brightest nebulae in the night sky. Being able to observe the formation of stars and the early life cycle of those stars is both interesting and amazing. I hope to be able to share my favorite subject with you on our tour!