Night tours

Tours are conducted in the Rocky Mountains throughout the week. The tour starts around Sunset and lasts for 2 hours. It consists of looking through telescopes, learning about constellations/folklore, training on how to find objects in the sky, a talk about the cosmos and plenty of question & answer time. Guests are free to stay after the show to continue looking at the stars as I take down my equipment.


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Sample Itinerary

  • Tours start at sunset and last 2 hrs. Tours are offered most clear nights.

  • Guests are provided with a red flashlights, comfy camp seating, bug spray, snacks, and water.

  • The show will explore the night sky with several large telescopes and a laser pointer. We will see and learn about planets, constellations, navigation, satellites, nebula, clusters, galaxies, maybe some shooting stars, and our universe. Through telescopes we will get up close looks at these objects and take in their beauty with our own eyes. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to use a telescope and about the different types of telescopes.

    • ~10min before the tour we can look at bright early evening objects and look at telescopes during twilight​

    • tour starts with an astronomy talk

    • then you will learn to use a telescope

    • next we will look at things in the telescopes

    • Q&A time - you can ask questions at any time 

    • tour ends but guests are welcome to stay around after to get even more telescope time.

  • The tour takes place at a easy to find trailhead just north of Boulder, Colorado (no hiking required) where phenomenal sunsets and wildlife are often seen.

  • Meeting location: Boulder Valley Ranch