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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Keep your astronomy experience going all year long! Astrotours.org has made two calendars to keep you in awe of the night sky all year long. The "Astronomy Calendar" has star charts and info on what you can view in the sky each month, and the "Space Calendar" is full of high resolution space pictures which will keep you in awe of the heavens. Both have important dates of eclipses/meteor showers/other rare celestial events, and both are 13 month calendars lasting from Jan 2021 thru Jan 2022.

Choose the "Astronomy Calendar" for a year long voyage thru the cosmos from your back yard. Each month has a star chart calibrated to display what the night sky will look like just after sunset in North America. Star charts are accompanied with an explanation of the most notable features of the night sky for that month. No equipment necessary! This calendar highlights the best of the night sky that can be seen by the naked eye. Binoculars/telescope owners will also benefit from instructions on how to find incredible features hiding just a little deeper in the night sky.

Astronomy Calendar sample months:

Buy the Astronomy Calendar here!

Choose the "Space Calendar" for the office/indoor/daytime use as it is full of stunning space photos that can be enjoyed hanging on a wall anytime of day. Each photo is high resolution and has a small explanation for context. The Space Calendar is also slightly cheaper!

Space Calendar sample months:

Both can be shipped anywhere, making excellent gifts, and both have holidays and dates of astronomical significance listed such as; meteor showers, eclipses, full/new moon (including the names of the full moons), oppositions, best date for viewing each planet, and more. Both also cover 13 months lasting from Jan 2021 thru Jan 2022, giving you overlap to help with transitioning to your 2022 calendar.

Month samples (same in both calendars):

Use the discount code BFCM30 at checkout before 4am Nov 30th for 30% off

Buy the Astronomy Calendar here! & Buy the Space Calendar here!

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AstroTours.org is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. We mourn the murder of George Floyd and all victims of racial injustice and police brutality. Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with protests across the nation and globally calling for justice and accountability.

Juneteenth parade Denver

The Night Sky is a common heritage of all cultures and peoples. The stars have played an integral part throughout history in both guiding oppressors to the lands of peaceful peoples (from Columbus to Cook) and in guiding oppressed peoples to liberation (from the underground railroad to the Jews of Egypt). We try to include these stories but In all sincerity, the current situation made us take a hard look at the voices within our organization and we realized that we have a lot of work to do.

We are a white-led organization with a white staff, and have a majority-white audience. We conduct tours upon the occupied lands of the Southern Arapaho people. We are a part of the scientific community that has been and continues to be exploitative of people of color. We're also part of an education system that has centered and valued the contributions and expertise of white people above those of Black people and people of color. Beyond this, we are living through a global pandemic that is having an outsized impact on people of color.

AstroTours.org has not been exempt from these patterns of injustice, and in fact we have benefited from our position of privilege. We acknowledge this, and know that we have much work to do. We also acknowledge that this statement itself is late in coming, and is insufficient on its own.

We are learning and listening, with particular attention to Black, Indigenous, People of Color voices in our community. We are working on creating pathways forward to further center and uplift these voices as we work towards becoming an anti-racist organization.

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Updated: Feb 4

UPDATE(Feb 2021): Boulder county is now in code Orange meaning we are now limited to only tours of 9 at time. If you still feel more comfortable with a private tour for your household please contact us directly to book a private tour.

We are looking to phase back into business slowly making sure we do so safely and adhering to Colorado’s “safer at home order” Astro Tours is a much lower risk activity than most events and public spaces that are currently being opened.

Our tours take place outside with plenty of room to distance. There is no contact between guests as we are adamant that no one touches the delicate equipment and telescopes. We provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on all of our tours which guests are requested to use frequently.

We are introducing steps beyond those listed above to help protect our guests and staff such as:

  • We will no longer serve Tea or Cookies on the tour instead offering only pre-packaged granola bars and chips.

  • We are limiting the numbers of guests to fewer than 10 people every tour.

  • We disinfect all seats and equipment before and after tours.

  • We always have offered refunds/free-cancellations for any reason but, we are taking this further by refunding and telling guests; Do not come if you have been in contact with anyone who was sick or are feeling sick yourself. We are offering free cancellations to these people as well as: anyone who has changed travel plans/amino compromised/do not feel safe attending/or for any reason at all.

  • We are spacing telescopes and chairs further apart and setting out extra chairs so groups can separate with a few chairs between them. Please maintain a 6ft distance from others.

  • We require all guests to wear a mask at all times.

  • Please be respectful and take all precautions possible to maintain your's and everyone else's health and safety.

We will continue these and any other practices recommended by the city, state, CDC, staff, and guests for as long as necessary to be sure that COVID is not spreading at our tours.

Although this is a low risk activity any activity at this time do have risks. proceed with this tour AT YOUR OWN RISK if you are immune compromised or in a high COVID risk please consider asking about one of out remote video tours.

Because of the limited selection at the tea table and to show our gratitude to all of our guests that are sticking with us during this time we are offering tours at a $5 discount. Food/drink is still aloud so feel free to use this savings to support one of Boulder's many local tea/coffee shops and bring a warm drink on the tour. Thank you for your continued support, stay safe and hope to see you soon.

For more information on protecting yourself and others please visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

For Information specific to boulder and what our community is doing to help please visit:


old updates (no longer in effect):

UPDATE(DEC 2020): Boulder county is now in code RED meaning we are now limited to only private tours of one household at a time. because of this we are lowering rates for private tours to 160$ for up to 4 people if your household group is larger than 4 we will charge the normal rate of 40$ per person. Also, we now have to require masks at all times. thank you for your understanding.

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