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When to Stargaze: Any Time is Cosmic Time!

Have you ever wondered when the best time is to stargaze? The truth is, any night can unfold into a wondrous stargazing adventure, and with the right equipment, even daytime can offer a celestial spectacle. At, we believe every moment under the sky holds potential for discovery.

Stargaze all the time!

1. Nighttime Wonders: Embrace the Darkness

Each night presents a unique canvas for stargazing. A favorite among many is just after a full moon, where the moon rises late, granting us a dark sky sprinkled with stars, and then a moonrise to cap off the evening. However, you don't need a meteor shower or special event to enjoy the stars – they're always there, waiting to be admired.

safe stargazing during the day

2. Daytime Solar Gazing: Safety First

With the correct safety equipment, observing the sun can be just as fascinating as exploring the night sky. Specialized solar glasses or telescope filters are essential to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Never look directly at the sun without proper protection!

3. Meteor Showers: Cosmic Fireworks

Meteor showers offer a spectacular display, and Colorado's skies are perfect for catching these cosmic events. Here are some noteworthy annual showers to mark on your calendar:

  • Quadrantid: Early January

  • Lyrid: Late April

  • Eta Aquariid: Early May

  • Perseid: Mid-August

  • Geminid: Mid-December

And many more throughout the year!

4. Other Celestial Events to Watch For

Colorado's skies are not just about meteor showers. Here are some upcoming events for the rest of the year:

  • June Solstice: The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • Lunar Occultation of Saturn: Watch the Moon pass close to Saturn in August.

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse: A beautiful celestial dance in September.

  • Annular Solar Eclipse: A rare 'Ring of fire' eclipse in October.

For a full list of events, visit

5. Colorado's Advantage: Clear Skies Ahead

With over 300 days of sunshine, Colorado offers a stargazing-friendly climate. Clear nights are more common than not, making it an ideal location for both amateur and seasoned astronomers.

6. Starting Your Stargazing Journey with

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, is here to guide you. Our tours are designed to educate and inspire, providing hands-on experience with telescopes and red lights to preserve your night vision. We also provide flyers with helpful stargazing tips for beginners.

The stars are always within reach, and with, you're never alone in your celestial journey. Remember, every night is a good night for stargazing, and every day holds the potential for solar observation. Embrace the cosmos – the sky is waiting!

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