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Space News One!

This is a new type of content I want to try to just give a little space news round up a few times a year. Usually I like to focus on stuff you can physically see in the sky for my blog posts. I am in no way an active researcher or primary source so, I will just provide a little summary, a little bit more information than just a headline and include a link to the source. Let me know what you think if you like it or if you’d rather me stick with my usual content. Astronomers have found one of the oldest stars in the known universe giving us a better understanding of the early universe -

The Event Horizon Telescope, a group of observatories that took the first image of a black hole, has now photographed what looks to be the magnetic field of the black hole by using polarized light -

Not really “news” but NASA released this visualization of orbiting black holes that’s definitely worth the 3 min watch time:

Researchers have proposed a method of traveling faster than the speed of light! … the only drawback you would need energy on the scale of the size of the planet Jupiter to make a “warp bubble” big enough to move a 100 meter size space ship -

Footage of the large Chinese rocket that fell to earth a few days ago had been released -

not the best footage but I'm just glad it broke apart safely and didn't hit any one.

And of course the big ongoing space news is all the feats that NASA’s new mars rover keep accomplishing such as test flying a drone on mars! Keep up with the latest from this mission from NASA’s dedicated Mars2020 site:

A little less known is that both the United Arab Emirates and China also have independent mars missions going on right now too! UAE sent an orbiter last year and their mission can be tracked here: And China sent a multi stage mission with an orbiter, lander, and rover! I don’t know where to find their official mission page but has been keeping theirs fairly updated:

Unfortunately you won't be able to see a mars rover or black hole in my telescopes. However, if you want to learn more and see Mars or M87 (the galaxy that holds the black hole in the picture) come on a tour!

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