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It's been quite sometime since I've updated my reviews page on here so I thought I would share some of my favorite from the last few months. Thank you everyone that has taken the time to write me a review the feedback means a lot to me and it warms my heart to see all the overwhelmingly positive things people have to say about me!

"Soooo much more than five stars!"


Jun 12, 2021

This experience was mostly for my teen daughter. She loved it! We really enjoyed seeing the summer night sky (it isn’t often visible where I live). Seeing galaxies in the computerized telescope was the highlight for me.


Jun 11, 2021

We had a lot of fun on this experience! Luke was able to adapt on the fly due to weather - he let us join the tour a day earlier because the weather wasn’t going to be good for our original scheduled date and he also adapted the show when there was some unexpected clouds. We were able to see and learn about the the universe in a really special and unique way!


Jun 10, 2021

This experience was even better than I had hoped. Luke was knowledgeable and kind. The stars were magical and I loved hearing coyotes!


Jun 8, 2021

Unfortunately the day we scheduled the tour, the weather didn’t cooperate. However, our host made the most of it! She did a wonderful job still giving general astronomy knowledge and answered all our curious questions.


Jun 7, 2021

This is a MUST for anyone already interested in astronomy or someone who just wants an amazing night under the stars. Luke made this a collaborative experience by making sure to ask the group what we were most interested in learning more about. You could tell that astronomy is his love and he is just excited to share this wonder of the universe with everyone. Getting to pinpoint different constellations & hear multiple cultures stories about them definitely added to the wonderment of just how timeless stars are. Using different telescopes was also a highlight of the night and Luke was quick to answer questions or help adjust the scopes. Next time I’m in Colorado, I would love to do this again!


Jun 4, 2021

This was really interesting. Super informative. Luke is incredibly knowledgeable and we really appreciated how much we learned. The telescopes were really neat. it was a very unique experience!


Jun 4, 2021

Great experience, Luke and the students there were super informative and engaging. Saw some cool constellations, galaxies, and even a few shooting stars!


Jun 3, 2021

Wonderful evening stargazing Luke is super knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for the stars He did an amazing job of sharing that with novices like ourselves


Jun 2, 2021

This was an awesome way to end our time here in Colorado! Luke’s knowledge and enthusiasm are contagious. Can’t recommend this activity more!!


Jun 2, 2021

What a great experience. Luke was extremely knowledgable and passionate about astronomy, and it really came through in his presentation. Getting to look through his high-powered telescopes was neat too. Our kids were pretty tired so we had to bail before our time was up, but that didn't take away from the experience at all. Five stars, would absolutely do again if we have the chance. Great communication leading up to the event too.


Jun 1, 2021

The astronomy tour was great! Luke and Christina were incredibly knowledgeable and were great hosts. They had several telescopes pointed at different things and changed them frequently to keep people distanced and engaged. Definitely bring a blanket for chilly nights. Highly recommend!


May 28, 2021

Luke and his partner are amazing! Incredibly knowledgeable, was able to answer every question we had. Also supremely quick witted, had many of us laughing for the whole tour. The location is serene and beautiful. Out in the countryside north of boulder, the drive in during sunset is amazing. 11/10


May 23, 2021

My mind loved the depth of the things Luke spoke on, and all that he taught me. I will be doing this again many times in my future. I found my new hobby.


May 23, 2021

My friends and I were blown away by the sight of the stars and the moon through his many telescopes. He was very knowledgeable about the science and constellations of the sky which was a very cool portion of the tour that was unexpected. Coming from Austin, we were appreciative and in awe of the beautiful Denver sky. Highly recommend!


May 23, 2021

A most delightful starry experience all around. The location was unique and the firmament above made for excellent gazing. And the chorus of nearby coyotes and rare tweaker(?) frogs made it all the more memorable. Thanks again.


May 21, 2021