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Planning Your Visit to Boulder Beyond Your Tour

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I've spent my whole life in Colorado so I thought I'd share some tips and my favorite places to take people visiting from out of town. If you're staying outside of Boulder I would suggest you take the daytime before my tour to explore Boulder. It's a wonderful area with lots of hikes, scenic drives, a pedestrian mall with lots of arts/culture/buskers, and the celestial seasonings tea factory. You do not need to have access to a car to enjoy Boulder as most everything is within walking distance and there is a nice, cheap, & fast bus called "the flationflyer" that connects Denver to Boulder. You will however need to lyft/uber the last few miles to my tour site.

  • Good hikes​​

  • Chautauqua park - {20min to 5+hrs, all difficulties} Walking distance from downtown Boulder. Most of the trails are medium to hard difficulty and really worth it, I have been coming here for years and still haven't seen it all. If you want something easy just check out the grounds and have a nice stroll around. The best hike I would say is Royal Arch it's a hard 3 miles out and back hike and will likely take ~2.5hrs. Chautauqua hosts many performances, cultural events, lectures, and was the site of my parent's wedding! It is a beautiful park where you can access a large system of trails and climb all the way to the top of the flatirons.


  • Boulder Falls - (~8min, fairly easy} Accessible by bus up a winding canyon road, ~half way to Nederland, is a really nice water fall. It's very short hike with just a few steps from the road, but it has hazards of rock slides to be aware of.

Boulder Falls

  • Boulder Creek Path - {10min to ~1hr, very easy} path that goes from downtown Boulder up Boulder canyon a ways.

  • Sights of the town​ <