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Planetary Society's Day of Action March 8th, 2022

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Join the Planetary Society on March 8, 2022, to advance key initiatives in space science, human exploration of deep space, and planetary defense. Participants will receive discounts and even free Astro Tours!

Did you watch "Don't Look Up" or have you been excitedly observing the progress probes like the James Webb Telescope have been making? Then you might be the perfect advocate for space! Projects like protecting out planet from comets/meteorites, sending probes to touch the sun, or rovers to Mars are only possible with public interest in space. So help the Planetary Society (a nonprofit dedicated to space headed by Bill Nye) show that there's interest in these programs.

The easiest way to do this is to sign on to their PLEDGE TO TAKE ACTION ON MARCH 8TH it's free and easy. Adding your name to the pledge lets the planetary society show congress there's serious public interest in space they will also send you training materials, talking points, and instructions so you’ll be ready to advocate locally for space.

If you live in the United States and have time on March 8th to directly engage your congressional representatives to advocate for space you can REGISTER FOR THE 2022 DAY OF ACTION it costs 30$ (20$ for students), and you must be a US Citizen. Registering means you will advocate directly by participating in virtual meetings with members of Congress and their staff. The Planetary Society will provide training, schedule your meetings, and prepare key talking points. Participants provide their passion for space and desire to make a difference. Due to COVID-19 and the U.S. Congress's ongoing restrictions on in-person visits, the 2022 Day of Action will once again be a virtual event over zoom.

To sweeten the deal will be providing 5$ off Boulder tours this spring to anyone who pledges to take action and a Free Boulder tour this spring to anyone that registers and participates in the day of action. Just let us know when you book! (offer for tours in Boulder only must e done prior to booking)

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