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Our Recent Five-Star Reviews

We are thrilled to share the wonderful feedback we've received from our recent guests. Your experiences and reviews not only motivate us but also help us improve and ensure we continue to offer unforgettable stargazing adventures. Here's a highlight of some of the glowing reviews we've recently received:

Elizabeth – June 18, 2024

"What an amazing experience. I learned so much and saw so much!"

Eric – June 18, 2024

"It was a very interesting experience. I even learned some things, despite having been looking at the stars for several decades. Appreciated the red flashlights and will use them again for sure! Love the pictures we have of the moon from looking through the telescope!"

Hector – June 16, 2024

"The place was great. Just a little advice to all the people not having a car and going on Uber or Lyft: be sure to be very organized because it ends late at night and many drivers will cancel because it's very far away, and you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Besides that, it's a great, great experience. Can't give enough compliments."

Ross – June 9, 2024

"Honest business and good communication. We booked and paid in advance and were looking forward to our experience, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. We were contacted and warned ahead of the trip that it may be the case and it was sadly confirmed the evening before the event. There’s obviously nothing that can be done about that, and so I really appreciate the communication and decency of handling business the right way and offering another opportunity on a different date, which unfortunately we were unable to attend. A full refund was issued without us even having to ask for it. I’m disappointed that we weren’t able to go on the experience because I think it would have been a great one, and if this is how strangers are treated, then I can only imagine how welcoming it would have been in person. But I give it 5 stars for professional business and communication regardless. Thank you to Luke and the team and good luck for the future!"

Arisa – May 27, 2024

"We loved staying at this condo! It was a perfect getaway for my husband and I, and we were so close to town where all of the shops and restaurants are, as well as to RMNP. It was a great stay! Thanks for a great stay! The WiFi was a little slow, but we assumed it wouldn’t be the greatest up in the mountains anyway! Overall, we loved the condo!"

Salma – May 20, 2024

"He is a real scientist."

Elizabeth – May 18, 2024

"What a fun and unique experience! The whole crew was knowledgeable and kind - plus it was so cool to experience the stars with a group of people from across the country. Would absolutely recommend to anyone! We had the best, best time, thank you!!!"

Atireme – May 14, 2024

"The hosts were lovely and tried really hard to make the best out of poor weather. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the experience due to poor weather conditions. However, the hosts were on top of it and graciously refunded the expense. Hope to try it again next time we’re in Boulder."

Hans – May 14, 2024

"Really nice setup and organization. We were unlucky with a cloudy/rainy night and couldn’t see anything, however, Luke didn’t hesitate to issue a refund and we look forward to trying this again next time with a clear sky!"

Valerie and Christian – May 13, 2024

"We love this experience! So informative. Thank you!"

Lucian – April 12, 2024

"My fiancée and I just got engaged and this was the event I had scheduled afterward to surprise her with! The presenter was super knowledgeable and really made the tour interesting for both my fiancée and I, who enjoy stargazing at home but didn’t go into the tour with much information. Would definitely recommend!"

Katrina – April 12, 2024

"I enjoyed my time on this tour! Lots of interesting stories that kept us entertained throughout the whole evening."

Corin – April 5, 2024

"Amazing time with Koda. We loved all the stories of the constellations, as well as all the scientific explanations about what we were able to see. She was patient and interesting and answered all our questions with care. Thank you for a great time! I think there was a confusion about our attendance, as she was not expecting us. But Koda did a great job adjusting and accepting our participation. Thank you!"

Nancy – March 22, 2024

"Star bright…stars not out but knowledgeable and personal guide."

Martin – March 19, 2024

"Aislynn was a great host! She was very knowledgeable in astronomy. Equipment was outstanding and views were wonderful. Thanks for the great experience, Aislynn was wonderful!"

Maitreyi – March 11, 2024

"Learning about the universe is as exciting as it is humbling. It’s a great way to instantly reorient oneself to the present, especially when one has a great teacher/guide as we did :)"

Sarah – March 10, 2024

"This was an incredible way to spend the evening! We loved the storytelling and the science. The telescopes were great, very little waiting to look at things. We're all super nerdy and all left learning something new! The listing said that there would be water and snacks available and there wasn't. Totally fine, would just recommend updating the listing."

Ana – March 8, 2024

"It was super fun, make sure you dress warm!! Thank you for having us!"

Alorah – March 2, 2024

"Koda was a fantastic guide! Super knowledgeable and answered all of our tricky (or so we thought!) questions. 12/10 recommend if you are looking for a unique experience in the area."

Ashley – March 1, 2024

"A wonderful experience, would recommend! Thank you again! Our guide Koda (sp?) was wonderful!"

Mary – February 20, 2024

"Worth every penny! I learned so much. A wonderful experience!"

Lilian – January 26, 2024

"This was amazing!! You think you know about our planet and stars until you meet one of these hosts and they blow you away. Koda was FANTASTIC and SO knowledgeable. My partner and I were visiting from Florida and were in absolute AWE the entire time. DEFINITELY a must-have experience. Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful tour!! Koda was an amazing host."

Peter – January 20, 2024

"Wonderful experience, worth every moment!"

Thank you to all our wonderful guests for their kind words and support. We are committed to providing the best possible stargazing experience and appreciate your feedback. If you haven't yet experienced an stargazing adventure, we invite you to join us and see why our guests rave about their time under the stars.

Clear skies and happy stargazing!

Luke Huxley

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