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Meet's newest tour guide!

I'd like to welcome Christina to Astro Tours! Christina has been training with me for the last couple months and has already well surpassed where I was when I first started Astro Tours! Christina has been studying astrophysics for some time now. Here's her story in her own words:

Christina aligning telescopes

Hello! My name is Christina and I am an astrophysics major at the University of Colorado. I have always been very passionate about the night sky and particularly sharing the wonderful mythologies and science surrounding our constellations and the objects within.

I am currently involved with a research group at the university that is looking into the effects stellar flares have on exoplanetary atmospheres and what that might mean for the habitability of those planets.

The Crab Nebula (Christina's favorite deep sky object)

My favorite object to talk about is the Crab Nebula! I am fascinated by the astrophysical processes surrounding the life cycles of stars, particularly supernovae, and I enjoy describing the various civilizations that viewed this event when it occurred and the impact it may have had in their lives.

Come learn more about our universe at

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