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Meet's new tour guide!

I'd like to welcome Victoria to Astro Tours! Victoria has been training with me for the last couple months and has already well surpassed where I was when I first started Astro Tours! Victoria has been working in astrophysics for some time now. Here's her story in her own words:

Photo Credit: Christina

Hi, I’m Victoria Concepcion and I graduated from CU Boulder with a BA in Astrophysics. I’ve always loved space and I’ve learned a lot from taking undergraduate courses. While at CU, I specifically took interest in planetary sciences and our solar system. Along with AstroTours I’m a research assistant at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics where I research planetary ices and climates. I specifically study the conditions of the poles on Mars and how dust interacts with them. I love sharing my knowledge of the wonders of space with similarly excited people! My favorite thing to show people is the Orion Nebula which is a stellar nursery and one of the brightest nebulae in the night sky. Being able to observe the formation of stars and the early life cycle of those stars is both interesting and amazing. I hope to be able to share my favorite subject with you on our tour!

Orion Nebula

Photo credit: Christina

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