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Gift Cards

Updated: Nov 24

Happy Holidays!

We are working on adding a gift card function to the website soon! But for the time being we can manually make gift cards for you!


  1. Email us (Luke@AstroTours.org) something like: Subject: Astro Gift Card Hello, I would like to purchase a gift card for {the amount you would like to put on the gift card} . Thank You,

  2. Pay the gift card balance at https://www.AstroTours.org/payments

  3. We will make a discount code for that amount and send it to you. Then all you have to do is send the code to the gift recipient along with the URL AstroTours.org/book with the instructions to use the promo code at checkout when they pick a date to use the gift card.

P.S. If you would like the gift card code to be something fun like "Merry-Xmas-Luke80$" let us know! It just has to be somewhat unique like that so it couldn't be randomly guessed.

optional: print this and fill out to, from, amount, and code to have a physical card to give

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