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At, we deeply understand the profound connection between the exploration of outer space and the preservation of our home planet. We believe that as we share the marvels of the cosmos with our community, we have an equally important duty to safeguard Earth and its precious ecosystems. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is embodied in our adherence to Leave No Trace principles in all our operations and activities.

Our Commitment

Leave No Trace: is committed to practicing Leave No Trace principles in every aspect of our operations. We always ensure that our activity sites are left as we found them, or even cleaner. This involves taking all waste with us, minimizing our footprint, and respecting wildlife and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Practices: We strive to minimize energy consumption in our operations. We use energy-efficient equipment, including our high-powered telescopes and red lighting. We encourage our team and guests to use environmentally friendly transport options where feasible, and offer a carpool arrangement service, to minimize carbon emissions.

Education and Engagement

We recognize that education is a powerful tool for environmental protection. Beyond simply imparting knowledge about the stars, our events often incorporate elements of Earth Science, emphasizing the fragile beauty of our home planet and our role in preserving it. We discuss the impact of light pollution not just on astronomical observations, but also on wildlife and ecosystems, raising awareness about this often-overlooked form of pollution. recognizes that light pollution is a significant barrier to clear, night-sky observations and presents an environmental issue affecting wildlife and human health. In response, we've taken active steps to combat this issue. We offer incentives to local communities and businesses to adopt dark sky-friendly lighting, rewarding those who make conscious efforts to reduce unnecessary light emissions. In addition to this, we are firmly committed to raising public awareness about the impacts of light pollution through our tours and educational programs. We offer workshops and presentations that highlight the importance of preserving dark skies, not just for astronomical viewing, but also for ecological health and energy efficiency. Through these actions, we strive to create a culture of respect for the night sky and contribute to the broader movement against light pollution.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We strive to work with local communities, authorities, and other organizations that share our dedication to the environment. These collaborations allow us to contribute to larger conservation efforts and increase our positive impact.

Continuous Improvement remains dedicated to continually improving our environmental performance. We regularly review and update our environmental policies and practices to ensure they remain effective and align with the best available science.

In conclusion, recognizes that the exploration of the stars does not have to come at the expense of our home planet. We are committed to a vision of astronomy that is exciting, enlightening, and environmentally responsible. Our promise is to continue sparking wonder about the cosmos in a way that also respects and protects the Earth.

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