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🌟 AstroTours highly reviewed tour Receives Glowing 5-Star Reviews! 🌟

Check out what guests have been saying about AstroTours highly reviewed tour:

✨ Emi, Nov 13, 2023: "The more you look, the more you see. Very informative experience. It’s far more than looking into a telescope, Aislynn and Luke explained each visual and the history of it. Don’t be surprised if you have to take a double take on what you see, I did that when I saw Saturn. It’s worth it, reserve it."

🔭 Nicole, Nov 11, 2023: "This was such a fun and educational experience!"

🌌 Asad, Nov 5, 2023: "Such a great experience! Would recommend to anyone. Coda did a fantastic job at walking us through the night."

🌠 Alejandro, Nov 5, 2023: "Amazing presentation and great stories behind our constellations! Telescopes were pretty cool to look through. Our host had a stellar understanding of astronomy!"

🌌 Jennifer, Nov 5, 2023: "Christina was great! Super knowledgeable and engaging. I liked hearing about the astrophysics parts and also how the different cultures have varying myths about the stars."

🔭 Ruben, Oct 30, 2023: "This was such a cool and unique experience! Aislynn did such a phenomenal job going through everything. I don’t have a background in astronomy and just had a goal of seeing some cool stars through a telescope."

🌟 Gabbie Jablonski: "I highly recommend Astro Tours to anyone interested in learning more about space, seeing stars, planets, and globular clusters up close. We got a great view of the moon up close with their Dobsonian telescope!"

🌟 Sam: "Incredible experience! Luke and Coda are clearly very passionate about spreading their knowledge and passion for the universe. Along with this, they had set up multiple telescopes which allowed us to see things such as forming nebulas and even Saturn with all its rings."

🌠 Anita Sweetland: "The Astro tour we booked was to commemorate my husband who was a college professor for 45 years, teaching Physics and Astronomy. It was scheduled for the peak of the Perseid meteor shower and Luke went out of his way to schedule around the cloud cover so we had an amazing experience."

Astro tours gets way more than five stars!
"AstroTours gets waaaaay more than 5 stars!"

From an array of platforms Trip advisor, Airbnb, yelp, Google, facebook, etc, our guests have showered us with praise for our passion, knowledge, and immersive stargazing experiences. Come join us for a night under the stars and discover the wonders of the universe with AstroTours! 🌌🔭✨

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