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2022 Orionids Meteor Shower

The Orionid meteor shower is one of my favorite meteor showers and will be in our skies soon!! Get a plan to get outside and watch the shower! This guide will tell you what you need and how to make a plan to see the shower on your own! If you want to skip the planning just book a tour to see the shower and more up close in a telescope with me.

When: October 2nd to November 7th (peaking on October 21st) Full moon is on October 9th so I would say October 17th to October 31st (Halloween) is the best time to see them.

Where: Earth the Orionids are visible in most latitudes. Just be sure to get a dark cloud free spot.

How: The best way to increase your chances to view any meteor shower is to: 1) turn off all lights and let your eyes adjust to the dark for 20min. 2) lay on your back under the night sky to maximize the amount of your field of view taken up by the sky. I recommend heading to a park with a picnic blanket and lay out on your blanket in the middle of a light-less grassy field.

What you need to best see it:

  1. Something to lay down on (picnic blanket, trampoline, hammock, sleeping pad, rug, air mattress, etc.)

  2. Your eyes

  3. Optional:

  4. Bug spray

  5. Warm clothes for falling temperatures

  6. A sky map app on your smartphone

  7. Binoculars

  8. telescope

Orion hopefully it won't be this cloudy when you go out to watch the meteor shower.