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2021 Calendars!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Update: I have bottomed out the price on both of my calendars so get your calendar now while they are as cheap as they will ever be and you can still get most of the year's use out of them!

Keep your astronomy experience going all year long! has made two calendars to keep you in awe of the night sky all year long. The "Astronomy Calendar" has star charts and info on what you can view in the sky each month, and the "Space Calendar" is full of high resolution space pictures which will keep you in awe of the heavens. Both have important dates of eclipses/meteor showers/other rare celestial events, and both are 13 month calendars lasting from Jan 2021 thru Jan 2022.

Choose the "Astronomy Calendar" for a year long voyage thru the cosmos from your back yard. Each month has a star chart calibrated to display what the night sky will look like just after sunset in North America. Star charts are accompanied with an explanation of the most notable features of the night sky for that month. No equipment necessary! This calendar highlights the best of the night sky that can be seen by the naked eye. Binoculars/telescope owners will also benefit from instructions on how to find incredible features hiding just a little deeper in the night sky.

Astronomy Calendar sample months:

Choose the "Space Calendar" for the office/indoor/daytime use as it is full of stunning space photos that can be enjoyed hanging on a wall anytime of day. Each photo is high resolution and has a small explanation for context. The Space Calendar is also slightly cheaper!

Space Calendar sample months:

Both can be shipped anywhere, making excellent gifts, and both have holidays and dates of astronomical significance listed such as; meteor showers, eclipses, full/new moon (including the names of the full moons), oppositions, best date for viewing each planet, and more. Both also cover 13 months lasting from Jan 2021 thru Jan 2022, giving you overlap to help with transitioning to your 2022 calendar.

Month samples (same in both calendars):

Use the discount code BFCM30 at checkout before 4am Nov 30th for 30% off

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