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Spotlight on AstroTours' Founder, Luke Huxley, in CanvasRebel Magazine

We have stellar news to share with all! Our very own founder and astronomer, Luke Huxley, was recently featured in CanvasRebel magazine. It's a cosmic honor to see Luke's passion for the stars, his remarkable journey, and AstroTours' mission celebrated in such a prestigious publication.

In the article titled "Meet Luke Huxley", you'll dive into the universe of Luke's aspirations, experiences, and the guiding philosophy behind AstroTours. He takes readers on a journey, exploring the essence of why he started AstroTours and what sets our offerings apart.

Luke shares about AstroTours' mission, highlighting not only the unifying perspective of looking up at the night sky but also the inspiring notion that we're all on this celestial journey together. He talks about how AstroTours aims to make astronomy accessible, inspiring, and connecting, extending beyond mere observation to embrace a profound connection with the cosmos.

CanvasRebel beautifully captures the essence of AstroTours, from our guided night tours to the significance of our educational programs and community engagement. Luke's personal background and the evolution of AstroTours from an idea conceived in Australia to a top-notch choice in educational astronomy in Colorado adds depth to the story.

The article also sheds light on what makes AstroTours unique, including the emphasis on outreach, accessibility, and the drive to provide out-of-this-world experiences. Luke's reflections on the rewarding aspects of his creative work will resonate with anyone who's ever looked through a telescope and felt that sudden connection with the universe.

You can read the full article here and explore not just the world of AstroTours but also the mind of the man who made it all possible.

We're incredibly proud of Luke's recognition and invite you to come and explore the universe with us, as we continue our mission of making the cosmos accessible to all. AstroTours stands ready to take you on an unforgettable journey through the night sky.

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