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Celebrating’s Feature in Powder Magazine

Hello AstroTours community,

We are absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Powder Magazine, one of the most respected publications in the outdoor sports world, recently featured in a fantastic article, "Winter Park’s Astronomer Leads Guests in Searching the Night Sky." (here:

Our own astronomer, Luke Huxley, is the star of the piece, and his dedication to our stargazing tours at Winter Park shines throughout. A passionate astrophysicist with a knack for making complex astronomical phenomena accessible and engaging, Luke has been guiding our guests through the Colorado night skies, inspiring curiosity, and sharing his knowledge in a way that truly makes the stars come alive.

The article beautifully captures the essence of our tours, painting a vivid picture of the hands-on experience we offer. From learning about constellations, galaxies, and shooting stars to understanding the complex phenomena of the universe, our guests become part of an ongoing conversation about astronomy. As Luke puts it in the article, we aim to offer something "much better than just watching a TV program" by providing an interactive and captivating journey under the stars.

We are particularly pleased that the article highlights the unique, personal interaction and enthusiasm that we strive to bring to our tours. Here at, we believe the sky is not just something to gaze upon; it's a storybook filled with tales of celestial objects and phenomena waiting to be explored.

As the article underlines, our Winter Park tours offer an excellent way to appreciate the night sky, regardless of whether you're a seasoned astronomer or a curious novice. Be it observing celestial objects with the naked eye or through the lens of a telescope, the experiences on our tours are truly unforgettable.

We're grateful to Powder Magazine for recognizing our commitment to fostering interest in astronomy, and for bringing our work to a wider audience. We also want to thank all of our guests, whose questions, curiosity, and enthusiasm for exploring the night sky inspire us every day.

To get a taste of what an stargazing experience entails, we warmly encourage you to read the full article on Powder Magazine's website here.

Come join us under the stars and let's continue exploring the universe together. As always, keep looking up!

With warm regards,

The Team

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