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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Join us at Unison for an enlightening and immersive astronomy experience!

The Unison Festival is a gathering that celebrates our innate creativity, receptivity, and connectivity, and what better way to honor these qualities than by connecting with the universe that surrounds us? Our astronomy program, tailored for souls of all ages, will be at the festival, allowing attendees to peek beyond our earthly domain, to the natural brilliance of the night sky above.

As our telescopes reveal the enchanting dance of stars and galaxies, our seasoned astronomers will weave tales and folklore from various traditions. These narratives will demonstrate the age-old human desire for connectivity, mirroring the festival’s mission to experience Unison with the greatest version of ourselves and the collective.

One story that beautifully aligns with the spirit of this gathering is the age-old concept of "As Above, So Below." This ancient adage encapsulates the idea that the cosmos mirrors our earthly experiences and vice versa. By understanding the stars, we delve deeper into understanding ourselves and our connection with everything.

At the Unison Festival, amidst the revelry of dance, music, and soulful connections, take a moment to journey with As the festival encourages clarity, sobriety, and peak sensory experiences, our cosmic tours offer an unparalleled, sobering perspective on our place in the universe.

Between moments of inspiration, expression, and the forging of lifelong friendships, ensure you also take a moment under the canopy of stars with us. Ready for a transformative experience that honors our bodies, our spirits, and the land that cradles us in celebration? The cosmos awaits. Learn more about unison here:

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