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New Name:Elevated Astronomy Tours!

We have a new name! Mile High Astronomy Tours is now Elevated Astronomy Tours!

The real news is I got approval from the city of Boulder OSMP to conduct tours on their land!

There's a few reasons for the name change. Elevated Astronomy is more unique. I wanted to honour Boulder (which is more than a mile high 5328ft = 1.009mi... not that it matters) as they are allowing me to do tours with little restriction. Denver mandates all events end prior to sun set (not gonna work for astronomy) due to curfew.

Also I don't like when things are called 'mile high' outside of Denver. Here's the story I wanted to get a Harley shirt for my mate, from my home town, to add to his collection so, I stop in to "mile high harley davidson" to find out I'm in Aurora CO and not one of their shirts says Denver CO just Aurora.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science changed their name twice now giving them three names The Colorado Museum of Natural History, The Denver Museum of Natural History, and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The first time was because they were getting more support from Denver. However, they never really gave up any of their former names you can still say The Colorado or Denver Museum of Natural History as a valid name, they just no longer publicise those names. I like this and am going to approach my name change the same way.

Mile High Astronomy Tours is still a valid name, feel free to call my business whatever you like best!

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